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Hiring an advertising agency in Malmö can help you increase visibility and strengthen the brand of your business.

What services can an advertising agency in Malmö offer you?

Advertising agencies in Malmö can offer a wide range of marketing and advertising services. Here are some of the services you can expect to have access to when you hire an advertising agency in Malmö:

Advertising campaigns: An advertising agency can help you create creative and effective advertising campaigns that reach your target audience in an engaging way.

Graphic design: An advertising agency can help you create graphic materials for your marketing, such as logos, business cards, brochures and other marketing materials.

Copywriting: An advertising agency can help you create engaging copy for your marketing, such as ads, campaigns and websites.

Strategic communication: An advertising agency can help you develop a communication strategy tailored to your business and objectives.

At Norrhavet, we can offer all these services and more. We are an advertising agency with extensive experience in helping companies in Malmö strengthen their brand through effective marketing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

With Norrhavet's method, you choose how involved you want to be in a project with us

(1) Transparency

This option gives the North Sea full control from conception, planning, implementation and delivery. You only get transparency when decisions have to be taken at the different stages.

Suitable for those who:

  • dare to let go of control
  • have confidence in our creative ability
  • have confidence in our ability to deliver
  • have the courage to take the next step without control

(2) Cooperation

This option makes you and Norrhavet partners, collaborating through the project and working in an agile way to realize the objectives and deliverables.

Suitable for those who:

  • wants to be in control
  • have confidence but want to be able to decide direction
  • have courage but value structure and predictability

(3) Support

This option gives you access to Norrhaven experts, partners and networks. You will have the opportunity to use our knowledge in your project.

Suitable for those who:

  • want a sounding board
  • want to know if the direction is right
  • have a bit more meat on the bones
  • support from an external expert


Our broad approach to branding helps you and the entire customer experience take a big step forward

At Norrhavet, we understand the importance of creating strong and recognizable brands. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on research, insights, purpose, vision, values, behaviors, brand definition, brand positioning and brand architecture when building new brands or re-branding existing ones.

Research helps us understand our customers’ target audiences and their needs, which is crucial to creating brands that resonate with them. Insights give us a deeper understanding of our clients’ businesses and what makes them unique, helping us to create strong brand positionings. Purpose, vision and values help us define why our clients’ businesses exist and what they want to achieve, giving direction and a sense of purpose to their brands. Behaviors help us define how our clients’ brands should act and communicate with their target audience.

Brand definition helps us clarify our clients’ brand essence and what makes them unique. Brand positioning helps us decide how to position our clients’ brands in relation to competitors.

Brand architecture helps us structure and organize our clients’ brands in such a way that they are coherent and strong, while also allowing them to grow and evolve. By considering these different elements when building brands, we can create strong, recognizable and profitable brands that help our clients’ businesses achieve their goals.

The verbal segment of branding is about creating a common thread for the company’s communication and message. By working on areas such as brand personality, brand story, manifesto, naming, message design, signature phrases and tagline development, we build the verbal foundations of the brand. This is important to create a clear and consistent image for the company and its products and services.

When we focus on the verbal segment together with the visual, we build a full-scale identity for the brand. This helps us to create a strong and recognizable company image and increase the likelihood that customers will choose you over your competitor.

The visual segment of branding is about bringing together everything we’ve worked on in the previous parts of branding and creating a complete and consistent identity for the brand. It’s about creating a visual language and identity for the brand that is easy to recognize and remember.

This is important because consistency and uniformity in communication increases customer trust and strengthens the brand’s image. By designing your communication and packaging in a smart way, we can also increase the likelihood that customers will choose you over your competitor, while creating a stronger relationship between you and the customer. This leads to increased profitability for the business.

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