More effective service development

Do you have a service or product that needs to be developed to meet market needs? Then we have the conditions for you to succeed!

We call all forms of development, whether it is business, service or product development, service development.

For us, it’s all about service development in some form when it’s time for you to take the next step as a company. It can range from updating something to suit the market, to packaging a service offering, to product development of innovative solutions not yet created. We know what works and how to get from A to B in the shortest possible time, while also bringing in the strategic and creative.

Developing new

When the time comes to turn visionary ideas into concrete solutions, the North Sea is ready. We help you take your vision from vague idea to tangible product or service. This can be done in collaboration with you or as an assignment where we are responsible for the entire creation process.

Developing new can be:

  • Idea generation and conceptualization based on visionary thinking
  • Blue Ocean strategies with prototypes and demos
  • Concretization and packaging of early ideas
  • Development of new services or products
  • Wireframing and MVP demos to prepare for business development
  • Visualizing visionary ideas

Developing existing

Our expertise also includes streamlining and improving existing products and services. We are skilled at identifying and navigating through challenges that legacy systems can bring and using modern technologies like AI to achieve better performance.

Developing existing can be:

  • Platform change for improved technical performance
  • UX and UI changes for improved user experience
  • Parallel development to streamline processes
  • Implementations and automations that increase efficiency
  • New methods to accelerate scaling up
  • Packaging the service offer for clearer communication

Implementing AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a core component of modern business development. At Norrhavet, we integrate AI to improve products and create new solutions, helping your business stay at the forefront of technology. Our team of experts is ready to explore and implement the potential of AI in your business.

What could AI development mean for you?

  • Faster and more accurate results
  • Complementing existing technologies for improved efficiency
  • Development of custom LLMs for unique needs
  • Chatbots for automated customer service
  • Unique agents for specific tasks
  • Acceleration towards more markets
  • New feature implementations on existing platforms
  • Trainings and workshops to increase AI understanding

Packaging services/products

Many companies struggle to communicate and visually package their offerings in a way that is engaging and understandable to their target audience. Norrhavet offers expertise in packaging to clarify and optimize how your products and services are presented.

Packaging of service/product can mean:

  • Analysis of barriers affecting product understanding
  • Review/mapping of previous product/service presentations
  • Analysis of sales data
  • Interviews with stakeholders and target audience
  • Detailed clarification of how products and services work
  • Segmentation of markets and target groups
  • Development of new communication aimed at specific target groups
  • Reframing the purpose of products to improve understanding

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Getting started with AI

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