We are a Power House

Together is stronger, they say. Norrhavet Group includes several companies and brands and together they are building a Power House that offers everything in marketing communication.

Discover our family of creative companies and brands, with us the breadth and everything under one roof is appreciated by customers.

Norrhavet Group offers all forms of marketing communication, from premium productions of branding, ai development and web development, to social media, ad production, animations, automations, advertising production and brand assets and video productions.

Norrhavet Group

Norrhavet Group represents us all. As a starting point and unifying factor for all companies and brands.

Norrhavet is a design agency with global reach. They have clients all over the world and work extensively on Branding, Web Development, Service Development and AI Development.

Ellary is a content agency, which means we work with content in all its forms. From commercial copy on websites, advertisements, commercials, social media and SEO to graphic design, converting better on a website to strategies and analytics. With us, you can either buy individual services on an ongoing basis, at a fixed price or get our full strength where we act as your marketing department for the price of one employee per month.

At Ellary you have access to specialists in Advertising, SEO, Social Media, Content, Analytics, Copywriting, Conversion Optimization, Strategy, Project Management, Sales and Design.

Momokio is part of the Norrhavet Group and offers teams and organizations high-quality brand assets. We match your brand with a familiar visual language, beautifully designed headshots, symbolic illustrations, infographics, iconography along with powerful animations, videos and motion styles that take that extra step.

Fenny is in the early stages and will work on innovative AI-related issues. With everything from implementation, tips, news, case studies, but will also work with broader issues such as law, regulations, standards, policies, etc. But also Deep Innovation for self-production of AI and ML.

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