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Zenya AI - AI platform for self-management of musculoskeletal pain.

Background information

The basic idea behind Zenya is that it will help thousands of people with musculoskeletal pain, replacing many of the visits to a naprapath, chiropractor and rehabilitator, but also relieving the burden on the healthcare system.

There are a large number of people in our society who suffer from unnecessary pain. A visit to a naprapath, chiropractor or rehabilitation specialist is often costly and often requires return visits and long lead times before the pain subsides (if it does before your wallet bleeds). There is a large gray area of people walking around in pain unnecessarily and through that the idea of Zenya, owned by Kansei AB, was born.

Working with Norrhavet in the evolution of Zenya has been a transformative experience. The team at Norrhavet has gone above and beyond in their efforts to get to know our business intimately, acting not just as consultants but as true partners in our journey. Their commitment to understanding our unique challenges and objectives has allowed us to create a niche for ourselves in a competitive market.

With Norrhavet’s support, we’ve been able to innovate and grow, making the most of the limited resources we have as a small enterprise. Their contribution has been a major factor in our development, providing us with the tools and insights necessary to expand our business.

As we look ahead, I’m excited about the possibilities that lie before Zenya, confident that with Norrhavet by our side, the future is bright and full of potential.

Carl-Robert Kårell, CEO & Founder Kansei

Name and design

Norrhavet has developed the name for Zenya and its concept. The name is closely associated with its owner, Kansei AB, which is our client in the project. We have designed the entire platform from wireframes and concepts to the current version of the platform available on the market today.

AI technology

Zenya uses several different LLMs to ensure its performance. We have developed a unique platform that makes it possible to control the qualitative output of each user who uses the platform. This means that we have created a platform that is independent of a specific LLM provider but benefits from several at the same time, which makes the operation of the service safer than, for example, using only Open AI’s Chat GPT.

Service development

We have developed the service based on the needs of the consumer, both in the customer journey through the service, but also the price packaging and functional needs of the platform. Over time, new features and levels will also be added to the platform, making the service even more popular.

What can be done?

Zenya is designed to help people with a range of health problems, specifically focused on identifying, diagnosing and proposing treatment plans for musculoskeletal disorders. Whether the person is experiencing back pain, muscle strains, joint pain or other musculoskeletal problems, Zenya can guide through an initial assessment. It offers recommendations on exercises, lifestyle adjustments and, when necessary, advice to consult a healthcare provider. Zenya aims to be your first resource for early stage health issues, providing support in managing and understanding symptoms.

What diagnoses can Zenya make?

Zenya specializes in musculoskeletal problems and can make diagnoses in this area. It is equipped to understand a wide range of symptoms related to bones, muscles, joints and tendons. By analyzing the information the person shares, Zenya can help identify common conditions such as sprains, strains, arthritis or disc disorders, and guide towards the next steps of care and management.

Training of Zenya AI

Zenya is trained with billions of data points to simulate every possible path through this haystack. This extensive training allows Zenya to receive new information, compare it with previous experiences stored in its memory, and select the most likely diagnosis based on the available data. When Zenya receives a new patient case, it uses its trained capacity to analyze the symptoms and compare them to previously known cases. By matching symptoms and likely diagnoses with existing data, Zenya can quickly draw conclusions and suggest the most likely diagnosis.


What we delivered

Ongoing projects

We have a clear plan for the development of Zenya and have big plans together with the customer to realize these. Both the technology and the scaling up and broadening of new functions. Work on Zenya has only just begun and what we see today is only a Beta.

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