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Circulate More - Guiding the public on recycling and extending the life of electronics

Background information

Norrhavet has developed the new - on behalf of ElektronikBranschen.

The overall solution, with a new identity, a new visual identity and a new website with unique communication, has not only redefined the Cirkulera Mera brand but also established the website as a central resource for consumers who want to engage in sustainable electronics consumption. Circulate More is positioning itself to continue to grow and make a significant impact in the fight for a more sustainable world.

With Norrhavet’s help, Circulate More has evolved from an outdated website to a premier source for sustainable consumption and circulation of electronics. Norrhavet has not only rebranded our brand but also created a website that is informative, easy to use and visually appealing with unique hand-drawn illustrations. 

Their deep understanding of our mission to extend the life of electronics products shines through in every part of the site, from the educational texts to the intuitive design. The result is a platform that not only appeals to our customers but also actively contributes to a more sustainable world. With Norrhavet, we continue to expand and improve Circulate More, and look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration. And we have received many comments and compliments on the site from all sides.

Pernilla Enebrink, CEO ElektronikBranschen

New identity

Norrhavet has created a new graphic profile and visual identity for Cirkulera Mera, which builds on and refines the existing structure. This updated identity retains the ties to the original brand while introducing a more distinctive and principle-based design. The new logo, designed for both digital and physical use, reinforces the Energy Sector’s position in the market by creating a clear and recognizable visual hierarchy.

Design language

Norrhavet has developed a new design language for Cirkulera Mera, where fresh colors and a playful aesthetic are at the center. By incorporating situational, hand-drawn illustrations, they manage not only to strengthen the link between image and communication, but also to engage and appeal to a wide audience. These illustrations act as visual metaphors that reinforce the message and enhance the user experience.

Web site

The new website is tailored to meet the needs of both consumers and the general public. The website focuses on comprehensive communication, including guides, how-to articles, and a question-and-answer section, all intertwined to inform visitors about reuse and recycling. In addition, the website is enriched with hand-drawn illustrations and integrates the new visual identity, making the information not only easily accessible but also visually appealing.


What we delivered

We have delivered a full-scale redesign of Circulate More. From identity, design, communication to web production.

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