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ElektronikBranschen - Rebranding

Background information

We were commissioned to carry out the rebranding of the trade organization ElektronikBranschen.

ElektronikBranschen works to create better conditions for the electronics industry. Their members include global electronics companies as well as smaller Nordic chains. Their identity needed a shake-up to meet the future and the needs of the modern user – and Norrhavet was given that task.

Norrhavet has transformed the identity and brand of ElektronikBranschen in a way that exceeded our expectations. It was a challenge to reinvent ourselves in an ever-changing industry, but Norrhavet didn’t just meet this challenge – they turned it into an opportunity. 

They have created a new identity that truly reflects who we are and is easy to work with in everyday life. Norrhavet’s ability to understand and communicate the essence of our business has not only strengthened our brand but also our visibility. We look forward to working with Norrhavet as a partner in the future.

Pernilla Enebrink, CEO ElektronikBranschen


ElektronikBranschen, has a long-standing collaboration with Norrhavet, which has also developed a new interpretation of the brand. ElektronikBranschen works to improve conditions in the electronics sector.

Through active dialogue with politicians and decision-makers, they aim to provide a clear picture of the industry’s opportunities and challenges, while taking into account its environmental impact. They are an important sounding board and support our members in following and influencing legislation, strengthening the industry.


The rebranding was necessary for ElektronikBranschen to effectively navigate future market trends and meet changing customer expectations. The new design combines a stylized ‘on/off’ button with a horizontal ‘E’, integrated within an enclosing circle, creating a modern and coherent visual identity.

This design builds on the previous symbol of an on/off button and reinforces the brand by incorporating dynamic elements, a bolder font and an expanded color palette. These changes aim to create a more distinct and coherent identity for ElektronikBranschen.


What we delivered

We have delivered a rebranding of ElektronikBranschens. A basic identity to build on as they take on more responsibility for their issues.

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