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Kansei - Health clinics of the future.
Development of a new start-up.

Background information

In classic North Sea spirit, the idea for Kansei was born through a previous project with the customer. A visionary dialog about something bigger than the individual clinic that left a lasting impression and resulted in something great.

Kansei is a new brand and a new company where Norrhavet has been commissioned to develop everything from the name of the company, to strategy, branding, communication and web but also a lot of business development and innovative moves. Kansei combines two worlds; the Nordic and Japanese and together we built the concept “Nordic Zen” which is now the basis for Kansei’s new flag clinic on Upplandsgatan, Odenplan in Stockholm and which will open in 2024.

Norrhavet has been an invaluable partner in the development of Kansei. It’s evident how seriously the Norrhavet team has taken our vision and what we’re creating. We’re laying the groundwork for something that we fundamentally believe can make a significant impact on the industry, and we’re grateful to be partnered on this journey with Norrhavet. 

Their expertise and dedication to truly understanding our company have provided us with the economic space needed as a small business unable to afford a large staff. Norrhavet’s consulting services have not only contributed to our growth but have also been instrumental in shaping the direction of our development. Looking to the future, I see our collaboration with Norrhavet continuing to flourish, bringing further innovation and success to Kansei.

Carl-Robert Kårell, CEO & Founder Kansei

Name and brand

Norrhavet has been responsible for developing the name Kansei and building the brand that identifies Kansei. Kansei is pronounced kanji in Japanese and translates to the pronunciation [Kan•se•j] in Swedish and means emotional response in Japanese. The name purpose signals that the clinic has a focus on holistic health in combination with the fact that the name is easy to remember and easily associated with Japan, something we have been careful to anchor in the name and brand identity.

Strategy and position

We have anchored the concept of “Nordic Zen” with Kansei and created a link between Nordic minimalism and minimarizumu which is its counterpart in Japan. You will find the concept in the graphic profile but also in the clinics.

We have also identified gaps in the market for the customer and made a solid market analysis to position the company in a unique position, which provided a basis for a strategy for both digital and physical.

Design and web production

We designed the entire website and its underlying subpages with associated communications in Figma. We have carefully packaged the company’s service offering and built a clear structure in the customer journey through the website.

We then produced the website in WordPress and trained the client on how to develop it continuously.

Just the beginning

What we delivered

Ongoing projects

There are many plans for Kansei, both digital and physical. We have a continued mission to deliver towards the goal of Kansei becoming the number one health clinic in the Nordic region and the strategy to get there is mapped out and concrete.

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